Museum fonts

The Museum fonts are a rough work-in-progress, based on historical metal Centaur fonts. They are released here under the SIL's Open Font License.

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PDF showing: opening page of Genesis, a recreation of the page from the Oxford Lectern Bible.

PDF showing: opening page, "An Account of the Making of the Oxford Lectern Bible" by Bruce Rogers.

Museum Sixty is based on 60 point metal Monotype Centaur. The source for A-Z& is the specimen page opening American Proprietary Typefaces, ed. David Pankow. The primary source for the lowercase is the original Centaur specimen booklet by Lanston Monotype, London, 1929.

Museum Fourteen is based on 14 point metal Monotype Centaur. The primary source is the text of Americal Proprietary Typefaces.

Museum Bible is based on 18 point metal Bible Centaur. The source is the booklet, "An Account of the Making of the Oxford Lectern Bible", Lanston Monotype, Philadelphia, 1936.

Museum Foundry is based on the 14 point original foundry version of Centaur, as cut by Robert Wiebking of Chicago. The source is "Amycus et Célestin", printed at the Museum Press in New York, 1916.

Other fonts I'm working on.