GdkRgb performance survey

The primary purpose of this survey is to test whether GdkRgb works reasonably well on the vast majority of video displays out there. This survey will also have the side effect of testing the 2D graphics performance of lots of different video cards.

The latest GdkRgb release is gdkrgb-0.9.0.tar.gz.

All results submitted here will be posted. Please feel free to submit multiple times with different configurations. Your participation is greatly appreciated!

10 Sep 1998: The 0.9.0 release fixes some endianness problems on 4 byte display modes, so the 4 bars display with a cyan cast should be gone. Also, the test chart is slightly changed.

9 Sep 1998: I've started analyzing the survey results. Video card performance is surprisingly uniform, with one exception. Enabling mtrr and write combining on a recent Linux dev kernel really speeds things up.

31 Aug 1998: the 0.0.7 release should produce better results on Sun and other big-endian hardware. It also adds more low-end modes, including 4bpp gray and 1bpp monochrome. The masses of you out there with x86 chips and 16bpp modes won't see any significant change.

View the results in raw form.

GdkRgb version (eg 0.9.0)

Your name (eg Zaphod Beeblebrox)

Processor and speed (eg Pentium II 233)

Compiler and optimization level (eg gcc 2.7.2 -O2 -g); note: -O2 -g is the default.

Video card (eg Matrox Millenium II)

Video resolution (eg 1280 x 1024)

X server (eg XFree86 3.3.2)

Output of ./testrgb

Other comments